Industry and business knowledge aren’t the only types of information that your employees know, and they’re not the only types that are important to running a successful company. Being aware of finer details of client interactions- like at which times they prefer to schedule meetings, what their favorite sports teams are, where to park when you visit this particular client, etc.- can provide a key personal touch that has the possibility to make or break vital business relationships.

And client knowledge isn’t the only information your employees keep tabs on. What about unique aspects of office culture- the things that make your office your office? How do new employees learn things like the rotating office bagel schedule? Or that everyone dresses up for Halloween?

This is what we like to call “tribal knowledge”: information that is collectively known within your company, but may not be common knowledge to outsiders (or new employees). Think of where your organization currently stores this knowledge. Is it “just known?” Passed by word of mouth? Where can one team member put something they learn about a client so that the whole team can benefit from it? Is all your on-the-job training documented so people can find it, learn from it, and keep it up to date? Can all of your employees access this information when and where they need it?

TechBldrs is aware of just how important tribal knowledge can be to the running of a successful business. It’s possible to survive without it, sure, but there’s just no substitute for the personalized nature of the information passed on by employee to employee. We’ve developed an innovative, easy-to-use, Cloud-based system so your employees can collaboratively grow the information that will make your client relations second-to-none.

Does this type of collaborative tribal knowledge-sharing sound appealing to you? Looking to take full advantage of all the nuances of your employees’ understanding? Call TechBldrs at (610) 937-0900 or email us at to discuss how we can begin preserving this information for the years to come.

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