“If my computer works, it’s probably fine. A computer is just a computer, right?” Wrong. Your systems might be the biggest hindrance to your productivity and your company’s growth, and you might not even know how or why. Being aware of what’s running properly and what’s slowing the business down is key to understanding how you can maximize productivity and customer response, and so you can create a secure technological environment to protect your company from the increasing number of constantly-evolving cybersecurity threats out there.

But before you go ripping out wires, replacing laptops, and resetting routers, wouldn’t it be better to know how to make a smart IT investment?

Here’s how TechBldrs can help you do that:


TechBldrs’ personalized performance audits are a combination of understanding your needs, your company’s needs, and the needs of your employees, measuring your systems, learning your goals, and then building a few test plans to identify and target areas of weakness in your current technological framework. During our audit, we focus on your company’s productivity: is it hampered by the current system in place? Is your employees’ work bottlenecked somewhere? Do you have new hardware that isn’t functioning correctly? Old hardware that’s slowing things down? Does everyone in your company feel confident in operating the technology they’ve been given to use?


You wouldn’t drive your car for years without getting it inspected by a mechanic, so why would you let the technology your business depends on go unchecked? The systems that allow your company to function are intricate, and require considerable know-how to diagnose and fix- and communicating those issues clearly and simply every step of the way is our specialty.


This is one of our Core ValuesTechBldrs employees will always take the time to make sure you understand what your IT needs are based off of the audit we perform, what we recommend as the next steps, and how we can help you achieve your goals through technological improvement. As we say, “communication is our business- we just work with technology.”


Our employees are experts in their field, and are on the cutting-edge of IT ability and knowledge. It takes experienced, certified engineers who understand both your business and your business’ technology to turn technical data into a quantifiable impact on your company.

Looking to learn how you can get the most out of your business technology? Want to know if your systems could be bottlenecking your productivity? Call TechBldrs at (610) 937-0900 or email us at so we can discuss setting up an audit for your company’s performance.

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