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How to get started

How to get started

TechBldrs Support is available to your business as soon as the one-time onboarding has been completed. This involves communicating with you to get your goals, assess your needs and the current technological details of your business, loading and testing the antimalware and SPAM applications, and setting up the remote access tools that we use to manage your IT needs. Additional remediations might be required to fix preexisting problems. After that, our Core and Priority Support Services with a monthly fee keeps your business systems running smoothly and securely.

When you’re ready to proceed, here’s how we get started:

  1. Getting to Know You

We start by performing a technology asset scan on everything relevant to get a picture of what the existing state of your computer systems is. After that, we take a look at our data and schedule a meeting to review it with you. We also use this time to get to know you as a client- your business, your goals, and your particular concerns- so we can best serve and build a relationship with you.

  1. Making a Plan

We’ll discuss with you what changes we recommend making to your systems. Upgrades, removals, replacements, it’s all covered. And no question is a dumb question! We’ll spend as much time as you like going over all of our recommendations with you so you can feel comfortable and confident moving forward. Along with immediate projects, we’ll provide you with a long-term plan so you can count on your systems being prepared for the future.

  1. Updates and Upgrades

After our meeting, our TechBldrs team will come to your place of business and update all of your computer systems with the on-boarding tools that allow us to move your company forward and monitor your technology to make sure you’re secure. Any fixes or changes that we have to do will be discussed thoroughly with you before we go ahead with them.

  1. Planning the Future

Once we’ve completed our initial upgrades, we’ll meet again with you to cover and updated IT plan. This will cover some short-term and long-term predictions and goals. We want you to know that you have a partner in TechBldrs, and that we’ll be with you for everything the future will throw at your company and at your technology. That’s why we start planning for your future security now.

What Services Are Included in My Monthly Fee?

A number of professional IT services are included in the Core and Priority Support Services . These consist of:

  • At least once a month, a scheduled, remote maintenance appointment will occur to perform automated software updates for licensed software. These are performed using a high-speed Internet connection at off-peak times to ensure efficient use of your system during business hours.
  • Microsoft and other critical software updates are tested before they are installed into your systems.
  • System resources are maximized by scheduled updates, minimizing the Internet bandwidth usage and leaving more space for other non-related queries.
  • Updates are automatically matched to the piece of technology that needs them.
  • Spyware, SPAM, antimalware tools are updated to their latest versions, safeguarding your systems against the most-recent threats that face them.
  • The overall health of your IT systems and computers is optimized by our team of Microsoft Certified Professionals.
  • Continued updates and system configuration changes to protect you from the latest cyber security threats.

As an added benefit to our monthly Core and Priority Support Services, we offer something we like to call “PAM”: our Proactive Alert Monitoring System. PAM allows you to get up-to-date reporting and remote control for all of your business technology assets. Now you can remotely see what your users are seeing, making it easier to troubleshoot and to oversee your systems.

All you need to do to get started with securing your systems and building a more technologically-confident future for your business is give us a call. We’d love to talk with you!

For clients who opt for Priority Support Services, we offer additional benefits that we can discuss when we meet.

Contact us today to see how we can custom fit a Support plan for you.