Can your employees protect your company? Can you be sure? All it takes is one person inputting their network password into a non-secure form, downloading the wrong document, or clicking the wrong link to shut down your business for the day and possibly for longer.

Or what about employee productivity? Do you know if your staff’s knowledge of workflow-improving software and data management is current? Are you sure that they’re working optimally, and can express their technical knowledge to clients?

TechBldrs provides highly-specialized coaching for you and your team. Our team of Microsoft Certified IT Professionals have your goal of complete understanding in mind when designing a training program to fit your needs, your employees’ needs, and your company’s need to best serve its clients. Remember, two of our Core Values are “your understanding is my responsibility” and “be smart enough to simplify”- every program we create for you will be personalized, and we’ll check in with you every step of the way to ensure your complete understanding.

Here are some of the training services we offer:


The best defense against a possibly devastating cybersecurity breach is a well-informed, well-trained employee base. TechBldrs will provide group or one-on-one training for your employees on the subject of how to protect themselves and your company when they use their devices, how to create hacker-proof passwords, and how to avoid the common traps that hackers expect you to fall into.


Chances are, your business relies on a number of technologies and programs to function on a daily basis and meet productivity goals. Do all your employees know how to take full advantage of them? Basic comprehension and total mastery have a wide gap of knowledge and experience in between them- we can help bridge this gap, educating your staff so they can work smarter and better.


In the result of a dangerous cybersecurity breach, it’s critical to the life of your business that you have a way to recover and resume normal business activity. We’ll help you develop a crucial backup, disaster recovery, and business resumption plan for your company, and we’ll cover every step of that plan with you and your employees so that your team is ready when need be.


If your business decides to move to a Cloud-based storage system, we’ll provide consulting for the proper usage- where it fits, how it’s best used, and by who. We’ll also provide technical migration support for the move, and personalized training on Cloud benefits, limitations, and abilities for you and your team so you know how best to take full advantage of what the Cloud has to offer.

Want to ensure that your employees are trained cybersecurity experts? Or maybe you’d like to rest easy, knowing that your entire staff knows exactly what to do in case of an emergency? If any of our training programs sounds interesting to you, or you’d like to discuss another type of technical training, call us at (610) 937-0900, or email TechBldrs at so we can discuss setting up a personalized assessment for you.

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