“The Cloud” doesn’t only refer to those white fluffy things in the sky: it’s now an increasingly-popular technical business solution. In the simplest terms, “the Cloud” means storing and accessing documents and applications over the internet instead of keeping them on your computer’s hard drive. Data kept in the Cloud is kept across a network of servers, allowing you and your employees to work on anything stored on the Cloud anywhere, anytime, on any device you can connect to the internet.

For some, this is an attractive option. But how do you know if the Cloud is right for you?

Does your team often need to collaborate on projects? The Cloud has tools built for multiple users working on a project at once.

Do you have a team that travels, or often works from home? Documents and programs stored in the Cloud can be shared across users.

Is your company’s server getting old, and you don’t want to purchase a new one? Changing internet services? Moving storage solutions? Need a reliable backup? You may be better migrating to the Cloud.

If your business is planning to use Microsoft Office 365, do you know how to make the move as seamless as possible?

So you think the Cloud might benefit your business. Now what? Here’s what TechBldrs can do for you:

Once you decide to move to the Cloud, we’ll provide consulting for the proper usage- where it fits, how it’s best used, and by who.

Our migration process is seamless, allowing you to get right to work.

Migration support and personalized training for you and your team on how to best take advantage of what the Cloud has to offer.

Our Cloud services are professionally-managed and secure, meaning you don’t have to take care of the maintenance and your important data is protected by TechBldrs’ cybersecurity experts.

We supply a backup service for what you store in the Cloud and have workarounds in place in case something happens and the connection to the Cloud server is temporarily interrupted.

TechBldrs will provide you with an analysis of your business, your current technological landscape, and your systems, and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not the Cloud is right for your company. Call us to discuss a possible Cloud migration at (610) 937-0900 or email us at

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