How your company handles growth is the most direct way to assure success- or to stall it before it’s even begun. The logistics of development and expansion can be tricky to navigate alone. You need a durable yet flexible information infrastructure to fuel your business, the right automation to expand, and the ability to plan for and adapt to market changes as soon as they happen. That’s why TechBldrs offers tested supportstrategic planning, and assured technological stability to make sure that your business has the support it needs as it grows.

Here’s how we can support you on your way to successful growth:


TechBldrs’ staff of Microsoft Certified IT Professionals will analyze the systems your company currently has in place and build an IT growth plan based off of our findings and the time we spend with you and your staff. We have the most up-to-date understanding of current available technology and trends, so we promise that your company will be ready for the future.


Based on our analysis of your business and technological needs, we’ll provide you with the best technological fit for your employees. Their ease of use, understanding, and productivity are the most important factors we consider when recommending products and services to you. We even provide personalized, on-site training to ensure that everyone feels confident and educated with the IT solutions we provide.


We present technology in understandable terms, with an emphasis on its impact on you, your company, and your industry. It’s based off of this understanding and strong working relationship that we’ll help you create realistic projects with timeframes and budgets that will help drive your business forward. And we’re sure to keep on top of compliance and regulations, so you don’t have to worry.

Interested in growth consulting, planning, and personalized business technology? We’d love to speak with you. Call us at (610) 937-0900 or email us at and we’ll discuss with you the most technologically-sound option for your business’ future.

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