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TechBldrs started its life as Technology Management Group (TMG) back in 1998, but its founder and owner, Joe Awe, had been a casual computer nerd for far longer than that. Inspired by the wave of 80s movies where the geeky guy ends up with the gorgeous girl, Joe had been working in the corporate IT environment for over 20 years before he started TechBldrs. His roles included Chief Architect for Eastman-Kodak for their large document imaging systems, Worldwide IT Director for SmithKline Beecham, and Director of Strategic Technologies and Chief Technology Officer for PECO Energy.

When Joe left the corporate world to start his own IT consulting business, his vision was to deliver the best practices of the large corporate world to small and medium-sized businesses- and to set his own vacation time. Joe saw a severe lack of support for growing business and developed an IT services business model to serve the companies whose size is “too big to be small and too small to be big.”

While it may have started in a basement in the 90s, TechBldrs is proud to announce that the company has moved to its own office space, hired more people than just Joe and whichever child he’d make run to the printer for him, and that its employees can now use both the phone and the internet at the same time.

It took us long enough, but along the way, TechBldrs finally wrote down their Core Values that came from our team’s life values. These became our true standard which drives our work ethic, hiring and growth.

We are extremely grateful to all our clients, supporters, and friends who have helped us learn and grow into the company we are today. There is no greater feeling for the TechBldrs team than working with people who allow us to be our best selves

Today, TechBldrs is proud to continuously grow and expand its vision, develop its employees, and best serve our clients. TechBldrs employs a strong team of Microsoft Certified IT Professionals who service the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware Valley area. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and security threats are becoming more and more prevalent- TechBldrs actively works to adapt to an ever-changing IT world to keep you, your company, and what you care about safe while providing you with world-class IT training and support.



TechBldrs has brought Aerzen USA dependability by continuously offering the newest technologies. Our latest endeavor with a Virtual Environment has proven to be one the best investments Aerzen has made in advanced technology.

Vickie W., Aerzen USA

“St Elizabeth Parish has contracted with TechBldrs for a reliable source of technology advice and support for over three years. TechBldrs is my first call when troubleshooting technology issues. TechBldrs has a great team to respond to the varied issues that come up in technology – upgrades – planning for devolvement – software questions – hardware failures – you name it. The student profile that TechBlrds developed for our Parish School has been a real asset. Students can get to all the sites and access the educational material that are acceptable in our curriculum but are restricted from everything that is inappropriate. I feel very confident in the backup and recovery that TechBldrs has implemented and monitors for our Parish.”

Sally T., St. Elizabeth Parish

TechBldrs is always helpful in resolving my issues right away. Thank you!

Jill G., Project Manager


Our clients represent the best their industries have to offer

TechBldrs is proud to serve some of the finest businesses in Exton, Downington, West Chester, and the rest of the suburban Philadelphia area. Thanks to our experience working with clients in a variety of industries, we’ve developed special capabilities to create customized solutions for your unique business.

We understand that each industry has its own technological needs. That’s why we tailor our services to help your company rise to the top of your field.

We provide expert solutions for the following industries:

No matter the industry, TechBldrs provides solutions your company can rely on. We look forward to learning how we can help your organization as well.

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