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Cybersecurity Audit & Training


Cybersecurity Services

Audit, Implementation, Continual Monitoring and Response

Are you secure?

It’s a simple question with a sometimes not-so-simple answer.

Here at TechBldrs, we often hear “well, I think we’re secure,” or “probably” when we ask that question. That lack of certainty has the potential to lead to disaster- a disaster that could have been avoided if the right precautions were put into place.

Our Cybersecurity Services are managed by an experienced and professional IT team that has been tested by several real-life cyber-attacks. They know what works and why, and have designed a program that is proven to work and will help protect you and your business from malicious hackers, malware, and other outside threats.

Think of your technology as a house: there are simple but essential steps you can take to keep you and the things you care about safe and sheltered from outside threats. You can install alarm systems to let you know the moment something breaches your defenses- and when that happens, you need the right response. We’re here to help you build the cybersecurity system that will help you sleep better at night.

Each of our Cybersecurity Services are designed to augment your current IT support staff. They function in collaboration with one another- individually, they add the layers of protection you need to stay ahead of the threats that face your company and your employees, but it’s together that they’re at their strongest. Our services create a complete system to protect, detect, and respond with immediacy and force.

Here are the steps of the TechBldrs’ Cybersecurity Services, and here’s how they work.

  1. Cybersecurity Audit

The first step is an assessment we do to check if there are leaks in your systems, and where we can plug the holes to keep everything floating above water. The report we then provide to you based off of this audit will allow you to get a practical and easy-to-understand plan of the changes we deem necessary and where to get started.

  1. Cybersecurity Training

The biggest hole in your security is your untrained, unaware workforce. Your employees, simply by going about their daily business, have the potential to open your business and systems to countless cybersecurity attacks. We’ll run a live, personalized training session for you and your staff so that you can learn how your actions can contribute to a more secure company.

  1. Cybersecurity Plan Implementation

From the audits, we’ll develop a plan to enhance the security for your systems. We’ll build your walls higher, make your foundations stronger, and put better detection mechanisms in place so you can feel secure with your technology and your protections. A TechBldrs’ IT expert will sit down with you and review this report in detail from beginning to end, answering any questions you might have along the way.

  1. Contingency Disaster Planning

You never want disasters to happen, but you should always plan for them. While TechBldrs monitors your systems and keeps watch for cybersecurity threats, we also develop a method for dealing with them and keeping you as protected as we can. We cover all of our bases, sometimes implementing a Plan B or a Plan C to make sure that everything you need to keep safe is locked down.

  1. Continuous Security Monitoring

Security threats are constantly growing and changing, evolving to beat the protections you have in place to keep them at bay. That’s why it’s important that your protections grow and change, too. We monitor your technology and systems, keeping everything updated against the latest dangers and responding quickly if something does happen.

  1. Cybersecurity Response

When it comes to cybersecurity threats, time is of the utmost importance. It can take only seconds for a piece of malware to destroy your most precious data. That’s why TechBldrs monitors your technology 24/7, 365 days a year. When something happens, we’ll know about it- and we’ll respond quickly and efficiently to shut down the active threat and stop the damage in its tracks.


Prevention is always better (and cheaper!) than fixing a problem after it has already done its damage. The TechBldrs Cybersecurity Services are designed to protect your technology from the nastiest threats out there. But if a breach should happen, you can be confident our team of trained and certified IT professionals can remediate the damage and get you back up and running.

Contact us today to discuss how we can immediately start the process of protecting your business.